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Want a pet to have at home? Check out 5 types that are ideal!

Owning a pet is a very pleasurable and rewarding act. These animals bring joy, affection and provide moments of distraction. In addition, they are great companies and very useful in the process of growth and development of children.

On the other hand, it is necessary to have a series of care for animals. Thus, when choosing a pet to have at home , it is important to ensure that the environment provides comfort, convenience and safety – after all, this is where they will spend most of their time.

Are you thinking about taking care of a pet? We have prepared a list containing 5 types of pets ideal for breeding indoors. We will also show you the benefits they provide to their owners and the obligations you must have.

Types of pet to have at home

1. Dog

The dog is the most common pet and one of the most desired by people. This is mainly because these animals are very attached to the owner and are conducive to developing a close and caring relationship with the environment’s residents.

The interaction with these pets is very high. You can do just about anything together – sleep, play, go for a walk on the street, even travel. Know that these animals love environments close to nature .

There is a wide variety of dog breeds, such as Mongrel, Poodle, Yorkshire, Maltese, Shih Tzu, Pug, French Bulldog etc. Each with their own appearance, physical characteristics and different temperaments. Therefore, before choosing a new pet , research the habits of each one and the care that must be taken.

If you live in an apartment, you should choose smaller pets , which take up less space  and are less noisy to avoid disturbing neighbors all the time with barking, for example.

In any case, keep in mind that it is important to go out on the street frequently so that they can play and exercise. This care is also essential to keep the animal’s mental health up to date.

2. Cat

Like dogs, cats are common pets to be found in homes. This is because these animals are very smart and playful, as well as great companions for children and the elderly.

Best of all, they are also very easy to care for. Just place a bowl with food, drink and a sandbox near the place where they stay for them to do their needs, as well as toys for them to have fun.

Cats, unlike dogs, are a little less attached to their owners and suffer less if residents spend a lot of time away from them. Likewise, if you work hard and only get home at night, being free only on weekends, the ideal is to opt for more independent breeds, able to do their needs in the right place and maintain their own hygiene.

3. Hamster

Hamsters are very popular animals among children and young people. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to them, they are often mistaken for mice – due to their physical appearance.

These small rodents are very common domestic animals and have a number of advantages, since, in addition to the low cost for breeding, they need little space and simple care. One cage with food and toys is enough for the pet to live happy and satisfied.

However, it is necessary to pay attention when caring for these animals. Because of the small size, it is very easy for them to hide around the house and stay several days “lost” – usually, under furniture or inside some object. In addition, they reproduce very fast, so be careful when bringing couples together.

4. Fish

Fish are aesthetically beautiful animals that delight viewers. The most common and well-known species is the Betta fish , due to the beautiful colors and beauty. The good thing about this type of pet is that it requires little care from the owners – just replace the food and clean the aquarium water frequently.

However, there is little interaction between the fish and the owners, being restricted only to the contemplation of their beauty and their movements in the water. This may sound monotonous and uninteresting, especially for children.

5. Birds

Birds are very beautiful and can be the perfect pets for those who like an independent and free animal, but who, at the same time, can offer interaction to their observers.

There is a wide variety of domestic species, each with its own characteristics: parrot, parakeet, canary, cockatiel, cockatoo etc. If you live in an apartment or don’t like to be disturbed by a lot of noise, the ideal is to opt for species that do not have a crooked beak.

Advantages of raising a pet

It is important to keep animals in green areas and in contact with nature so that they feel comfortable and more at ease. Below, check out the reasons why you should start breeding a pet :

  • keep company and relieve loneliness;
  • improve residents’ quality of life ;
  • reduce stress;
  • decrease symptoms of depression;
  • help in the development of children – mainly autistic and hyperactive.

Obligations of caregivers

If you have decided to be a pet owner , know that it is important to have certain commitments and responsibilities, adopting some care in its creation. Check out some notes:

  • take a walk around the neighborhood once a day – mainly dogs;
  • leave the animal outdoors for a while – mainly dogs and cats;
  • keep the vaccination of the animals up to date to avoid the appearance of diseases;
  • clean their dirt to avoid diseases and bad smells;
  • offer healthy and appropriate water and food to the animal;
  • offer your pet company .  Animals can suffer from loneliness, so take them to play with other animals.

The idea of ​​adopting a pet to have at home passes through the minds of many people, since there are several options and each species has its own particular characteristics. However, before choosing an animal, do some research on it. Be aware that you should treat him as best as possible, as if you were a member of the family.


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