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Tips to take the pet to the mall and not have problems

A recent IBGE study found that 52.2 million dogs are part of Brazilian homes. These pets are becoming not only members of the family, but also part of the owners’ routine. That is why more and more places become pet friendly and among the most popular are the malls . But, how does the tutor know that your pet is ready to go to a place so busy and with so many attractions? What are the precautions to be taken?

The first way to know if the pet is ready to face a new environment is to observe the way the pet behaves inside the home. Caroline Mouco, a veterinarian and director of Grupo Vet Popular, explains that “Before venturing with the pet in public places, it is necessary to make it accept well all residents and visits received at the house”.

dog at the mall

Before taking the pet to the mall you need to take some care

If the animal has this behavior, the owner can take it to the mall keeping in mind that the environment is very different. “The mall has a lot of distraction, a lot of information and this will make the dog’s training regress from what he already has at home. If I have a trained dog and I take him to an uncontrolled environment, with children running, food kiosks, etc., he gets lost “, explains Andre Almeida, trainer and owner of Behavioral Training.

To prevent training from being hindered and other problems, the trainer indicates that the owner lets the dog interact. “If he is a dog that does not present risks, he will want to be messing with people and the more he receives affection, the more he will feel pleasure from being at the mall. But this affection should only be done if the pet is with all four paws on the floor and behaving, otherwise the best thing is to interrupt the affection or even the walk.

Another reason for not going on the tour is the demonstration of aggression or fear, according to Caroline. “If the dog shows these signs in public, this can be a risk to the safety of him and other people. But in general, and due to the proximity to the guardian, dogs smell the environment and adapt easily, as they feel safe. ”

To go to the mall the animal’s health must also be up to date. “Never take your pet for a walk if he is not vaccinated, with fleas and anti-ticks. In addition, always use a collar. Medium to large dogs are mandatory to use muzzles”, says Caroline.

dog walking

The mall chosen and what the owner intends to do in it is another factor that weighs in the decision to take the animal or not. Not all establishments of this type are pet friendly and Luana Sartori, a veterinarian at Nutrine, warns that dogs cannot move around the food court due to safety and hygiene issues. Only guide dogs are guaranteed entry by law in this sector . In other words, if you plan to eat in the food court, do not take the pet with you.

If the owner is in a hurry, it is also best to leave the dog at home as pets must be moved by elevators to change floors and the queue for this can be long. In the end, the decision to take the dog to the mall or not depends on many situations. If your pet is calm, friendly and has the vaccines and medications up to date, you can go without fear. If the animal does not like new situations, does not react well to noisy places and with many people, it is worth waiting and keeping the pet at home, making the gradual adaptation to the new ride.


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