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Tips For Driving With Your Dog

Dogs make brilliant travel companions – once they’ve settled down and know how to behave in the car. While puppies can be precarious, with repeat practise, your pup can keep you great company on road trips.

To make your journeys together a little smoother, there are a number of things you can do. For longer trips, always be sure to pack some extra food and definitely bring extra treats. It’s great to reward good behaviour in the car.

Most important is to remember to bring as much water as you can. Dogs get thirsty and the weather can also have a significant impact. If you haven’t invested in a travel bowl for your car, make sure you’re stopping regularly and giving your dog a drink outside of the car.

It’s best to stop for this, as repeated spillage of water in your car could potentially lead to mould – which will be very difficult to get rid of once it has taken hold.

Make sure that whatever space your pet occupies, they can call it their own. The more comfortable and special their spot is, the more likely they are to stay put! Bring toys, blankets and items they love and keep them in that space in the car. It’s also a great idea to have a special toy or two that only come out for good behaviour in the car – don’t play with these toys in any other environment – keep them special to car journeys.

With plenty of treats, water and patience, you can train your pup to be an awesome road trip buddy. Safe travels!

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