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Tips For Bad Dog Breath

Source: Imgur
Source: Imgur


It’s a sad and quite expensive fact that of all the members of the family, it’s not only the human members that suffer from dental problems. Many times and in spite of tougher teeth in general it’s the canines of the family that suffer from trouble with their teeth, gums and mouths. Maybe it’s because of all the stuff they eat, maybe it’s because of the fact that they chew so darned much or maybe it’s because their teeth obviously don’t get as much attention as ours, but our dogs are very often victims of that immortal turn-off in humans-bad breath!

You need not fret however, because there are truly a lot of ways that you can get rid of your pooch’s oral stench, just as much as there are countless ways for you to get rid of yours. But before you do that it’s imperative to know the causes of these horrible smells. Here are a few reasons why your dog’s breath can smell like something died in its mouth:

– Check What He Eats: Chances are that his favorite dog food isn’t causing it and his meal-bones are probably doing more to remedy the situation than to actually make it worse. So what are the usual culprits? Dogs are known to eat and chew on a lot of very weird stuff. Soil, dead plants, garbage, and even his own droppings are fair game for your dog if you give him the opportunity. So make sure he stays away from all of these, as they can cause instant bad breath.


Source: Imgur
Source: Imgur

– Check Your Dog’s Health: Foul breath can sometimes be an indication that something may be severely wrong with your pet’s health. It could be a case of an abscessed tooth or something worse like a gastrointestinal problem. So frequent trips to the vet definitely help.

– Gingivitis: Just like you, your dog’s gums aren’t safe from the hammering it goes through everyday. This is caused by dental plaque and comes with redness and swelling. Treatment of this usually is dependent on the medical history of your pet.

It’s important that you know all the possible causes of your dog’s bad breath before you take action. If you want to know the other causes of this as well as the best way to get rid of your dog’s toothaches.

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