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Tips For Alpha Dogs

Source: Imgur
Source: Imgur


Tip 1 – Always walk through doorways first.

This is a simple tip that can have a big effect. If you are walking side by side with your dog never let him walk through a doorway ahead of you. The Alpha Dog (you in this case) should show superiority by walking through the doorway first always.

Tip 2 – Always eat before your dog.

When dogs lived in packs the Alpha dog always ate first and then allowed the other dogs to eat. Make sure you and your family eat first and then your dog.

Tip 3 – Respond immediately to disobedience.

If your dog does something that it should never do under any circumstances (e.g. steals your food when you are not watching), take immediate controlled action to teach the dog that what it has just done is very wrong.


Source: Imgur
Source: Imgur


Tip 4 – Don’t walk around your dog.

When your dog is lying in your path, make your dog move. This is what an Alpha dog in a pack environment would do. I’m not suggestion you go out of your way to make your dog move but if your dog is genuinely lounging around and is in your way – make it move. Every time you walk around your dog you are giving it a clear message that you are his subordinate and showing him that he is in fact leader of the pack.

Tip 5 – Don’t let your dog sleep on your bed.

This can be tough for some people who are used to having their dog sleep on their bed with them. But in order to show your dog that you are the boss you must not allow your dog to sleep on your bed. This puts your dog on equal terms with you and will give your dog the wrong idea. Your dog should have its own bed.

Follow these tips and you will be the Alpha Dog in your household. .


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