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Small pets: how to choose the ideal pet?

Choosing a pet is not easy, especially for people who live in apartments or small houses and cannot provide enough space for new family members. In such cases, it is necessary to analyze which small pets match the daily routine of each one.

Many tutors stop having a pet, as they think that living in small spaces is an obstacle, since many pets need space to play or even rest.However, there are several varieties of small animals that can be perfect for people with little space, money and time!

How do I choose the right pet for me?

small pets

Many people think that dogs are the only pets, but other animals may also be included in this group. Therefore, choosing the ideal pet has to do not only with dog breeds, but with different species of animals.

It is asssim, how to choose the right pet ? First of all, it is important to think about the expenses – food, hygiene, veterinary consultations and others – that each pet will bring to the new routine and then analyze whether it is possible to include it in other expenses.

If the chosen pet is an exotic or wild animal, it is necessary to obtain all the necessary documents, in which allow him to stay on a property, so that it is not considered an illegal act.Some types of pets are not allowed in certain condominiums, so it is important to research the laws on each home before deciding which will be the ideal pet.

Some of the best little pets

small pets

The indecision when deciding on a new pet friend can be great, so we have separated some small and different pets perfect for people who seek practicality and a lot of love.


Ferrets are very affectionate, playful pets and love to feel free, but they can live in small houses without any problem!

Most of the time, ferrets tend to live in cages, especially since they love to hide. However, to play, the little ones prefer to leave the house and explore the different places in the house.

This pet can be perfect for those who don’t have much time, since they don’t require a lot of activities from the tutor; but they need to get out of their cages at least once a day. Another great advantage is that they hardly make loud noises.Like other pets, ferrets need to be vaccinated annually, as they are predisposed to chronic and costly illnesses.


For calmer people, who love to have quiet days, chinchillas are great pets. Basically, they are extremely docile, do not require much effort to perform their physical activities and can live peacefully in a cage.

Another advantage is the silence they provide to the environment, as they are extremely quiet pets, even when they are having fun. But besides being quiet, they even prefer to live in quieter, quieter environments.So, people who love noise, loud sounds and mess, maybe chinchillas are not the best options.


Little fish are perfect animals, especially for parents who want to give a pet to their children.

This is because many fish do not need a large space to live, nor do they require rigorous care that is difficult to be served. However, there are species of fish that require attention and even more space to be able to live healthy.

For those who do not have much time in their routine, fish may be the best option, especially since they do not require any physical activity from the owner.


Birds can be perfect for different people, since each species has different characteristics, from the most interactive to the most reserved. The size of the birds also varies, so it only depends on the person responsible for choosing to know which pet is best for them.

According to veterinarian Mariana Pestelli, some of the species, especially those with a crooked beak, tend to make more noise, so check whether the place where you live is allowed or not to have pets that emit loud sounds.However, for those looking for a fun, beautiful and practical pet, a bird can be the perfect choice!


One of the most desired pets is the dog. Like birds, each breed of dog has a certain characteristic, which is why it is able to please many people, whether they are calmer or more agitated.

For people who live in apartments, the best breeds of dogs are: Poodle, Yorkshire, Maltese, Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso, Pug, French Bulldog and others. But it is worth remembering that when dogs do not have much space to exercise and play, it is necessary that they go for a walk.

Some dogs are very attached to their guardians and are very sad when they spend a lot of time away from them. Therefore, people who usually stay out of the house all day, it is best to choose more independent breeds.


Like dogs, cats are much desired and admired animals. Often, people looking for an independent, kind, practical and quiet animal, end up choosing a kitten, after all, they offer all that and more!

Cats are very calm and do not require great effort from their tutors to exercise. In addition, your requirements can be met in a practical and easy way, as they only need a sandbox, a feeder, a waterer, a cot, toys and lots of love to be able to live happy and satisfied.


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