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Pets: tips for keeping your apartment clean

Having pets at home is synonymous with happiness. The joy they provide us, especially for those who live alone, is indescribable. Of course, there are some cons, but nothing that can’t be solved with a few tips. Usually, most pets, like dogs and cats, have a lot of hair, which can leave the home infested by them. That’s where our tips come in.

To keep your apartment always clean is very simple, just have dedication and take the time to do daily maintenance. And believe me: it’s a little while. And that will not only help you, it will also make your pet in a clean home.

Vacuum weekly on furniture and carpets

This will help to reduce the hair scattered around the house. On the sofa, for example, the hairs end up fixing, so vacuuming is essential to keep it clean. The same goes for carpets that accumulate hair very easily. Vacuuming weekly is essential to avoid accumulation.

A man vacuum cleaning



Place of needs has to be on the balcony, whenever possible

Of course, not all apartments have a balcony or balcony available to residents, but whenever possible, train your pet to do the needs in those places. This will avoid strong odors inside the house or even the risk of it doing this on your sofa or rug, which can be even worse …

If you don’t have a balcony, try this training in the service area.



Place specific rugs under the food jars

This helps the dog a lot and, of course, cleaning the apartment. This mainly helps dogs that are in the habit of drinking water and end up drooling on the floor. In addition, it is inevitable that some grains of feed will fall to the ground while they eat. And it can end up bringing many ants together. These rugs delay the appearance of insects, in addition to avoiding the watering system. And there are very cute models. You will surely find one that matches your home.


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