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Pets and Carnival – How to take care of your pet

Pets and Carnival – How to take care of your pet

For many, carnival is one of the most anticipated times of the year. There are those who like to enjoy the holidays and hit the road to take a trip and relax, those who like to stay at home and watch the various parades of the samba schools and those more excited who don’t miss a block!

If you have a pet at home, be it a dog, cat or any other animal, you should always remember that for each schedule your companion will need different care or attention. For this, we wrote this post, to help you better understand what are the main precautions for these scenarios. So you and your dog / cat / parrot / hamster can enjoy the revelry to the fullest and without worries.

1- I’ll skip Carnival!

If you are part of the group of the most animated, who likes to make the most of all the blocks, you have two options: leave your pet at home or take it with you. The care of your pet for these situations is quite different.

Pet in revelry with you

If you want to take your pet with you on the pad, remember that it is not an easy task. It requires A LOT of attention and responsibility. As it is a very hectic environment and with many people that your little one does not know, we do not recommend you to take him, as he may be shy or restless, afraid. And often when our little ones are not comfortable with these situations, they can react reactively by biting, advancing on someone or even running away!

pet care and carnival

Not because he is an aggressive pet, but because he is afraid and does not want something or someone to approach him or even you, in order to protect you. We made a post on our blog where we teach how to avoid a dog bite and how to deal with reactive dogs, click here to access.

For these reasons, we do not recommend that you take your pet to revelry, only if he is very sociable, quiet, and used to a lot of movement. If this is still your pet’s profile and you want to take it on the pad, here are some tips:

1 – Identify it, Identify it and Identify it.

In the midst of so many people, it is not very difficult to stray from friends, is it? Imagine your little one. So, it is worth looking at the identification (s) you will put in it. If he already has a collar with his name on it, great! But remember that as important as his name, is that you put your own personal data like name, phone, address, email and even facebook!

take dog to pad

“But where to put all this ?!” You can enter this data in different places, in different ways. Here at Pet Anjo, some of our Angels (professionals on our team) create tags with all this contact information, laminate and attach to the collar, tab, or even the clothes. Use your creativity to keep your pet safe and enjoy without worries.

2 – Collar + Guide

Although it is obvious, it is worth remembering that under no circumstances should you leave the house with your pet without a collar and guide, especially in a tumultuous and crowded environment like a carnival block. As much as your dog is super polite and does not leave your side, even without a collar, do not think twice and put a collar + guide. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

dog at carnival

3 – Watch out for noises

Our little ones, especially dogs, have a much more developed hearing than ours. So what may not be too high for us, for him may be absurdly high. And as carnival is not lacking in music, we must be careful to prevent our furry ones from getting too close to the speakers. We recently made an infographic to calm Pets in times of fireworks that has tips that are useful in this case too, click here to access.

You at the party and your pet at home

If like most pets, yours is not so sociable as to be calm in a very hectic environment, you don’t have to stop enjoying it. Which does not mean that you should forget about it alone at home while enjoying the revelry. If you do not intend to spend more than 3 or 4 hours outside, it may be that your little one will be well alone at home, without major concerns. But, as we well know,

So if you intend to spend more than 4 or 5 hours away, it is important to pay attention to your little one in the meantime. After all, the carnival takes place in a VERY VERY hot time 🔥. And if you don’t want to go out in the middle of the party to change the water, feed, take a stroll and pet your little one, no problem! You can count on the help of one of our Pet Sitters to pay a visit and give all the attention and affection that your little one needs in the comfort of your home while you enjoy it in peace! Learn more about the Pet Sitter service here .

2 – I will travel!

If you want to take advantage of the holiday to travel and get away from the hustle and bustle to relax, and are thinking “Wow, I have everything planned to travel, but I have nowhere to leave my pet”. We can help you! Our Family Accommodation service is the best option for when you need to travel, whether on Carnival, on vacation or any date during the year. can take dog at the carnival

In this service, you will host your little one at the home of a professional who LOVES pets, has gone through a rigorous selection process and even a super thorough training, conducted by our founder, Dr. Carol Rocha . All this so that your little one stays in the home of a family, who, like yours, will give a lot of affection and all the attention that he deserves!

Find out more about our Family Hosting service here

3 – I will stay at home!

If you are the most homely type and do not intend to make big schedules outside the home and think you don’t have to worry about your pet, you are wrong. As we have already commented here, the carnival season is very hot and usually quite noisy! So, not only during the carnival, but throughout this period of intense heat, you should take care of your pet, even. Screenshot 2017-02-09 at 17.02.22

Here are some tips to reduce the heat and make sure it looks good:


The most important thing on hot days is to moisturize, moisturize and moisturize! To encourage your little one to drink plenty of water, always change the water in the pot. Keeping it fresh and always fresh. Another great tip for him to drink a lot of water is to put some pebbles of ice in the water or fill the pot half with water at room temperature and half very cold!

Attention to short snout animals

Brachycephalic animals (with short snouts) such as dogs of the Pug, Bulldog and Shih-Tzu breeds and Persian cats, are more susceptible to hyperthermia and thermal shock. They need extra care! Limit exercise, take more breaks, offer more water and fluids, escape the sun and! Screenshot 2017-02-09 at 17.02.43

Watch for signs

If your pet is panting, salivating a lot, he doesn’t want to walk, eat, drink water, stay tuned! When you see these signs more lightly, offer a rest period in the shade with fresh water for your pet! An animal that is excessively panting (especially panting cats), having difficulty breathing, increased heart and respiratory rate. Or even with muscle weakness, excessive salivation, very stopped or very agitated, vomiting, with bluish or grayish tongue and mucous membranes, loss of consciousness and seizures can be with thermal shock, do not waste time! Place ice bags (especially in the armpits and belly areas and between the back legs), turn on the car’s air conditioning or fan and go to the nearest veterinary hospital.


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