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When we think about having a pet and research we see that we have many options: Hamster, Rabbits, Guinea Pig, Budgerigar, Fish, Birds, Dogs and Cats. But what is the best pet for you and your routine?

According to Veterinary Doctor Marco Antônio, before choosing a Pet think about the space where it will be and how much you can dedicate to it! Cats and small dogs are great options for smaller environments such as apartments, but it is worth remembering that dogs are more dependent and this will require a little more from you, cats are more independent and require a little less time. All animals love company !! Animals that spend a lot of time alone can develop some health problems and sometimes cause discomfort to neighbors.

In addition to the time available for each family to take care of, each pet also has its special habits and care, the ideal is to talk with other people who have the desired pet and with specialists such as veterinarians.

Fish and birds such as Budgerigars require less daily care, you need to feed them and clean the aquariums that require a 20% weekly water change and a good filter and oxygenation and cages that need to be cleaned every two weeks.

Hamster and rodents in general also require little care but it is worth remembering that they have nocturnal habits, so if this choice is because of a child it is better to rethink because when the child wants to play the animal will be sleeping during the day. The special attention is the daily cleaning of the cage because their urine has a strong smell.

Guinea pig is an animal more sensitive than a hamster for example, it can live in cages but care with cleaning must be doubled as they directly affect their health, the substrate used at the bottom of the cage must always be clean and dry, feeders and clean drinking fountains daily, no food can be left inside the cage. They need bathing, brushing, cleaning ears, cutting nails and cleaning the sebaceous gland.

Rabbits can live in cages suitable for their size, but they need to roam freely every day to exercise, they are adept at playing with balls, rattles and boxes. The observations are also for the strong odor of urine and they love to gnaw on everything they find, including telephone wires, power cables, among other things, extra care not to let him in the house.

According to the veterinarian Marcos “If you live in an apartment for example and spend most of the day outside the house if you choose a dog even if small, it is worth remembering that he will need regular baths and two outings to walk a day and maybe you have a problem because the dogs don’t like to be alone consequently they bark and can bring problems with the condo like a fine for example. Cats, on the other hand, are more independent animals and do not mind being alone, putting on a protective screen you will not have any major problems, they do not need frequent baths or outings for walks. ”

Cats are extremely clean animals as they are very effective in their hygiene, bathing is necessary in case of problems with fur or disease that prevents it from cleaning itself. Neutering is advisable as both the male and female become calmer animals and run less.

Dogs are the animals most desired by Brazilians, for having the reputation of companions, care is regular bathing, food, vaccines, walks. By having a multitude of breeds and sizes it fits in any size of house or apartment.

Bearing in mind that the acquisition of any animal must take into account that some live up to 12 years, it is necessary to be aware and responsible to assume this commitment with pets. Search, organize and have fun with your new pet companion.


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