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Guide Dog Detects Gas Leak And Saves Lives Of Owner And His Grandson

Source: Mirror
Source: Mirror


This is the inspirational story of a superhero guide dog who saved his owner and grandson’s life after using his sense of smell to detect toxic fumes from a broken fridge.

When Paul Whiting’s kitchen filled with gas his faithful Labrador-cross, Ian started barking , alerting the 53-year-old grandfather and six-year-old Leon.

Paul, of Hartlepool in the UK, and his wife Barbara, were treated in hospital after they inhaled the strong fumes, while luckily Leon escaped unharmed.

Paul said: “My wife Barbara was out for the evening and all of a sudden Ian started barking.

“I knew something was wrong as guide dogs are discouraged from barking so it was very unusual for him to behave in this way.

“I went downstairs, opened the kitchen door and got the full whack of the fumes. Instantly my eyes were burning and my nose and throat started feeling sore, I couldn’t breathe.”

Such a heartwarming story and further proof that dog’s really are mans best friend!

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