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Combining a busy routine with living with a pet is not so simple. A cheerful dog demands attention, care and a lot of affection, and whoever works or studies all day needs to know how to fit this into everyday life. Even cats, even though they are more independent, need to spend time with their owners to be happier.

Fortunately, being a busy person doesn’t have to be an excuse for not having an animal at home. There are several things you can do to spend more time with your pet. We have gathered some tips that will help you in this. Check out!


Having a dog or cat is a responsibility like any other, and you should take time out of your routine to care for them. In addition to care such as bathing, giving food and walks, how about allocating a few minutes of your day just to be alone with your pet?

Even if it is only for 30 or 40 minutes, it is good to have a private moment to cuddle, play and talk with him.

A good idea is to do this right after arriving from work, as it is the time that your cat will show more need and that your dog will jump to receive you. Create a daily commitment and, as the days go by, it will become a habit.


The training of animals is great to make them more obedient, but it also helps them to know how to make better use of the time they spend with their owners. Among the benefits of training are improved psychological balance, increased self-esteem and greater cognitive ability. That is, your friend will be more calm, relaxed and intelligent.

A well-trained dog is less anxious when he is alone, and when his owner is at home, he can spend time with him more calmly. This allows this period to be better used by the animal itself.

Dressage also helps the pet to improve its interaction with other people and animals. Thus, he is able to communicate better with beings other than his owners.

Training your pet yourself is already a way to spend a good time with him, but if you don’t have a free time or consider that experience is lacking, a good alternative is to invest in hiring a professional trainer.


Cats don’t need to walk the street with their owner so much, and many don’t even like it. But dogs need to get outdoors a few times a week or even every day. So, you need to have time set aside to take your pet for a walk as well.

The ideal would be to have two daily walks, but only one will make your dog happier. Allow at least 30 minutes of your day for this. Along the way, make some games, run for a few stretches and talk to the pet.

Never forget to clean up any dirt it does. Take the tour at cooler times, as high temperatures can hurt the animal’s paws.

Do not leave your dog locked up at home for too long. If you are too busy to go out with him, seek help from a dog walker. He will be able to do this in your place and make your pet happier.


Your routine outside the home ends up affecting the time you spend at home too. When you arrive very tired, there is less willingness to play or walk with a pet.

Therefore, invest in ways to make your daily life more peaceful to get home more relaxed. Try not to be too exhausted at work or study and do not exceed your limits. In addition to damaging your own quality of life, you may end up leaving your pet aside.

Having a more balanced schedule and practicing hobbies are options to have a healthier day to day. Meditate, play sports and eat in a balanced way. How you feel greatly affects your relationship with your dog or cat.


Do you know when everyone says that organizing the routine is the best way to avoid delays and have more free time? This will also be what will help you to have more minutes for your pet.

Organize your daily tasks, set schedules for everything and plan your appointment. The calendar or cell phone apps can be your great allies in this. Write down everything you have to do and get rid of activities that are not very important.

Having more organization is the best way to better manage your time. And that ends up causing more free periods on a daily basis. Do not forget to fit the times you should spend with your pet.


Going out for shopping is a time-consuming thing in our lives. Getting ready, leaving the house and getting traffic ends up being necessary. The worst is that you can’t even do this with your pet, as most establishments do not allow animals to enter.

The internet ends up offering an alternative from online stores. You can do your shopping without leaving your home and still check out numerous options for stores and products. The time you spend will be much less.

You can find stores of the most diverse types and categories, including to buy accessories and food for your pet.


If you are going to travel, a great way to spend more hours with your pet is to take him along. There are several options for destinations, hotels and means of transport that offer full support for tourists with animals.

Plan activities, stroll in different locations and play with your friend while traveling. You and him will be able to enjoy your stay much more.

Remember to analyze your pet’s behavior to see if it handles different trips and locations well. Cats, especially, may not like this very much and end up getting very stressed with the displacement.

If your pet isn’t the type to enjoy sightseeing, or if you can’t take it with you, try dropping it off at a friend’s house or at a pet hotel. So, it will be well taken care of while you travel.


Any pet loves to have something to play with. Biting, searching, and scratching toys , among others, are a great alternative to amuse your friend.

But in addition to the fun, toys also offer other benefits. They help your pet to be distracted while being alone and, thus, to be less stressed and anxious. Thus, he is more relaxed to better enjoy the time with the owner after he gets home.

Spending more time with your pet will generate more quality of life for both him and you.

This generates more affection, love and interaction between you. Organize your routine and leave a period reserved for your friend. So you will have a happy dog ​​and a happy cat indoors.


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