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6 tips to take care of your pet’s health successfully

Who doesn’t like to be welcomed into the house with a smile, tail wagging and barks of happiness? Every dog ​​likes to repay all the love and affection he receives, but of course, in addition to a cuddle, they also need care.

Get to know some interesting tips to take care of your pet’s health and give your four-legged friend better days!


Pets that eat too fast can choke, vomit, and are more susceptible to digestive problems, such as gastritis and poor digestion. Some tips involve using slow feeders, which are divided into compartments, which reduces anxiety when eating.

You can also divide the meal into smaller portions and offer them from time to time throughout the day, which prevents the animal from feeling hungry when feeding only once.

Oral health

Pets also need dental care to prevent problems such as tartar, bad breath, gingivitis and even tooth loss. Therefore, always observe the color of your pet’s gums – which must be pink – brush regularly and include teethers that help oral health.


In relation to water intake, for larger animals and especially on warmer days, it is interesting to leave more than one drinker around the house. And don’t forget to keep the water always fresh and clean, because besides being healthier for the pet, many of them stop hydrating when the water is not freshly changed.


Pets need hygiene care that can vary depending on the breed, the type of coat, the general health of the animal, among other factors. In general, dogs should bathe once a week and cats once a month.

When bathing, it is essential to choose the right products for your pet – which should be recommended by the veterinarian. In addition, the materials must be separated beforehand to facilitate the entire process. Use warm water or at room temperature, towel, dryer with cold air, among others. Remember to take special care with your eyes and ears.


The use of clothes can be indicated for the pet that has the shortest coat, especially during the winter. Therefore, avoid leaving it wet and replace it whenever necessary. Some animals can walk with special shoes, which protect their feet from moisture, cold and also very hot surfaces.

Having a health plan

With a health plan you have a wide accredited network, as it is not always easy to carry your partner away from home, especially if the case is of a certain urgency. With a good pet insurance, your pet will be allowed access in several veterinary clinics and hospitals and will surely have one nearby!

The user has more comprehensive coverage options, veterinary plans offer coverage possibilities that give access to the main exams and even surgeries, without additional costs, in addition to discounts for more than one animal. Our plans offer the benefit of discounts for those who wish to add more than one pet. Great for those who have that family of four legs cheering the house!

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