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5 tips to prevent your pet from going to the veterinary emergency

They just need to talk, they are part of the family and many are called “children with legs”. All this affection directed to pets moves a special care industry, which includes veterinary hospitals – the corridors and rooms of these sophisticated care centers are spaces where the emotional bonds between pets and their owners are manifested.

Animal Planet placed its cameras in the units of the Pet Care veterinary hospital chain and captured real stories of friendship, healing and rescue, with the premiere of the local series Pet Emergency. There are 16 half-hour episodes in the first season, co-produced by Discovery Networks and Mixer Films. Each week two will be shown in sequence.

But do you know how to prevent your pet from needing this type of emergency service?

Eating improper things

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The champion of the emergency corridors, without a doubt, is that pet (dog and cat) that ingests undue things and in many cases need surgical intervention to remove socks, pieces of toys, fabrics and even nails. To avoid this situation, offer own and resistant toys for your pet. Keep an eye on him so he doesn’t get anything wrong. If you do, call it festive and exchange it for something it can destroy.


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It may seem unlikely, but many dogs and cats put themselves in delicate situations. They jump from high places, slide or play more violently than they should. Injuries and even fractures are common in emergencies. Avoiding this problem can be more complicated than it seems, but having rugs, taking daily walks or exercises and eating well can help reduce the severity of the injury.

Vomiting and diarrhea

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Symptoms of many diseases, vomiting and diarrhea are very common after family parties. The dog eats more fatty meat, the cat steals a steak or just licks the ground with blood from the meat. It is enough to trigger malaise with possible dehydration. To avoid, leave garbage out of the pet’s reach, avoid leaving it with the guests (they always give what they don’t owe to the furry) and monitor the food location to avoid possible “thefts”.

Poisoning or intoxication

Cleaning products, mouse bait or cockroach are the items easily found by the curious snouts of our little ones. One lick may be enough to cause poisoning or even poisoning. If you need to use poison at home, always keep it out of the pet’s reach. Do not store cleaning products on the floor, but always at times that the pet cannot reach.


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A small ball or little chewed bone can be fatal when ingested. Unable to swallow or regurgitate, the object is stuck in the animal’s throat and can suffocate and even lead to death. Therefore, avoid giving the dog too big or too small bones. Prefer cookies and toys instead of the famous “knot bones”. These are the “soft bullet” for dogs. Regarding balls, avoid playing so that the dog catches the air. Prefer to play so that he goes to find her.

No scares, now you can follow the episodes of the pet series, without imagining that yours could be there. After all, they are dogs and cats, who arrive at hospitals with emergency or chronic conditions. But what will be the causes? You will find out on Saturdays at 18: 50h and 19: 20h at Animal Planet.

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