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4 tips for your pet shop to sell more during parties

It is already December and you must be thinking, “Wow, the year is over!” But those who work in commerce and services well know that there is still a lot of work ahead of them before 2019 starts.

This is because Christmas is still coming, a time when sales of products and services are usually the best of the year for commerce across the country.

In your Pet Shop there is no reason to be different! There is still time for you to set up marketing strategies that will attract customers and make you sell more during the Holidays.

Check out some tips we asked the marketing experts at A&P Publicidade and see what actions you can still do this year.

1. Decorate the store

The spirit of Christmas is felt in the streets due to the decorations specially made at this time of year.

Taking special care with this point can really make a difference in your store’s sales. It is not for nothing that large chains and shopping malls, for example, invest heavily in Christmas decoration: they know that the sentimental side of people arises with this.

Thus, we recommend that, in your Pet Shop, you also join this wave and make a tasteful decoration. You can use the motto of your business and adapt the decoration: nothing more cute than animal ornaments (puppies, kittens, birds etc.) hanging from the Christmas tree, right?

Something simple like that is sure to move people and arouse curiosity and the desire to enter the store when they pass in front of your establishment.

If you receive pets for bathing and grooming, you can also invest in customizing ties or bows, giving preference to those that have colors or prints that refer to Christmas. Surely tutors will find it fun!

2. Assemble special product baskets

Christmas is the time for special baskets! Generally, what comes to our mind are those beautiful food baskets, with dried fruits, sparkling wine, pates and other delicacies consumed at the end of the year.

However, more and more establishments have assembled Christmas baskets with different products. Your Pet Shop can do that too!

Select products with affinity, such as shampoos and conditioners from the same line , or shampoos and perfumes that complement each other, and assemble special baskets. Make from simple kits, with only two or three products, to more expensive baskets – containing cosmetics, food and pet accessories. That way, you can ensure that customers with different budgets can purchase a basket and feel special.

3. Give gifts to customers

One of the highlights of Christmas, along with the decoration, are the gifts. Therefore, it is worth thinking about distributing gifts or small souvenirs to your establishment’s loyal customers. This will certainly make these people even more loyal. In addition, giving a gift is also a good way to attract new customers.

You can give a box of free cookies to those who buy from a certain value, for example. If you offer bathing and grooming at your establishment, you can include one more free service during the month of December, such as hydration or a special grooming.

Or you can also set up a basket, as we suggested in the previous topic, to sort it out among customers who spend above a certain amount on products or services. Just distribute a number to each one and inform the day of the draw, which may be just before Christmas or New Year.

Publicize the lottery through the neighborhood, with pamphlets or car stereo, for example. People will definitely want to participate!

4. Spread more on the internet

Finally, if we are arriving in 2019 and your establishment does not yet have a website or social network, it is high time that you invest in it! All the actions mentioned above can be published by you on an institutional website and also on store profiles on websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

On Instagram, putting photos of your Christmas decoration and animals with clothes or personalized accessories from that time, in addition to photos of special baskets, will certainly yield a lot of likes and visibility for your business.

Through Facebook, you can advertise Christmas sweepstakes and even use apps that organize these sweepstakes reliably.

In addition, these social networks have what we call “paid media”, which are paid advertisements to publicize your company and your marketing campaigns. These ads can be customized so that they appear for the profile you want to reach, that is: you can program the ads so that people from neighborhoods close to where your store is located.


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