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11 Animals that adapt to small apartments and live happily as pets

Pets contribute a lot to our lives: they keep us company, amuse us and, sometimes, are subjects to talk about on our social networks. But that affection may seem seemingly impossible if someone lives in small apartments in which a pet could not develop as it would like. But does that mean we can’t have a faithful friend with us? Of course not!

The  Incrí created for you a list of 11 animals that can adapt to a small space when the heart of the owner is great.

1. Fish

11 Animals that adapt to small apartments and live happily as pets

When it comes to apartments, fish are probably the first choice of pet, as they live in the water. But we must keep in mind that the choice of the aquarium is not a minor detail, as each species needs more or less space, and water at a specific temperature.

For example, in the case of goldfish , you must make sure that the water is at a temperature between 15 and 22 ºC, so that they feel comfortable in an aquarium of not less than 100 liters. If one of that size is too big for your apartment, it is possible to opt for other fish, such as  platy , which can live peacefully in a space containing 80 liters of water and a temperature around 20 to 26 ºC.

11 Animals that adapt to small apartments and live happily as pets

If you want to have more than one fish, it is important to understand that not all aquatic animals get along . Inside the aquarium there is a world in which some species are not compatible with others. For example, although they are peaceful, goldfish are picky about food, so living with an omnivorous species, such as platy, would make it difficult to care for them. For any fish you choose, don’t skimp on accessories like rocks and artificial vegetation to make you feel at home.

2. Hamster

11 Animals that adapt to small apartments and live happily as pets

The hamster, besides being an adorable miniature, adapts very well to small apartments. But be careful ! Its size does not mean that its space must also be small . These animals need to move and feel at ease, so their appropriate location should be approximately 60 × 50 cm in size. It is necessary to equip it with stones, so that the pet can make its nest, sleep and shelter, and not place it in front of a window with sunlight, because, if it receives direct sunlight, your new pet you will run the risk of having a heat stroke.

Do not forget to put toys for him to exercise, since hamsters are usually very restless: maybe watching them running until it motivates them to exercise too, why not? Your diet should include cereals and vegetables, and be low in sugar and fats.

3. Guinea pig

11 Animals that adapt to small apartments and live happily as pets

The guinea pig adapts perfectly to closed spaces. In fact, it is  recommended that you do not leave it outdoors, as it is affected by extreme temperatures, and needs the scent of its owner nearby to feel accompanied. If the hamster’s space needs to be large, in the case of this animal the cage must be even larger, at least 2.5 meters to make it comfortable.

As for his diet , the list of things he can eat is not limited: basically, except for potatoes and onions, guinea pigs consume all kinds of vegetables. He also likes grass, and even clovers, which for this little animal is a crunchy delicacy like lettuce, as well as dry foods: oats and corn. If none of this seems enough, you can buy special balanced foods for these little creatures.

4. Rabbit

11 Animals that adapt to small apartments and live happily as pets

Rabbits need a lot of care and  attention . In fact, your cage should be at least 50 × 70 centimeters and, as in the previous cases, avoid direct contact with the sun’s rays. Among the accessories that the cage should have are wood to chew on (so it can wear your teeth), a towel or a piece of cloth to cover yourself in the cold and a tray or corner for your physiological needs.

Rabbits must constantly eat hay and drink water for their intestines to function properly. For your health, you need to clean your excrement daily, avoiding any infection. In addition, the diet includes vegetables such as cucumbers, carrot leaves (it should be noted that what is healthy for them are the leaves, not the vegetable itself), oregano, mint, chard and celery. The foods you should discard are garlic, onions and potatoes.

When adopting them, it is best to take them to a veterinarian to dewormer them and receive correct dietary advice, since not everyone eats the same amount of food. It depends on age and structure.

5. Cockatoo

11 Animals that adapt to small apartments and live happily as pets

Cockatoos must not only leave their cages, they must exercise. Then, for a few hours, let the bird walk through one of the rooms in your home. It is important that you keep in mind that the  cage must be large.

Cockatoos are sensitive to loud sounds , so they should be in a quiet place, without much
background noise . So if your neighbors like to play music at full volume, until the walls are shaking, maybe you should consider talking to them … Your eardrums and your pet’s eardrums will thank you. They like to eat seeds, rice, oats, sunflowers, nuts and peanuts. You can buy minerals to provide a healthy diet that allows the animal to live with you for around 14 years.

6. Parrot

11 Animals that adapt to small apartments and live happily as pets

Parrots are very intelligent and sociable animals, who like to be talked to and caressed, so be sure to give them a dose of daily love to make them feel loved. If you take good care of it , this bird can live to be around 80 years old. Wow!! This is a long time. Keep the cage clean and place a stone so you can sharpen the beak.

Their diet can vary between fruits, seeds and even insects. Don’t be afraid if one day you are alone at home and hear someone talking: parrots can make human vocalizations . Maybe you should teach him to say a few words, it would be really funny … For example, that you are the most beautiful person he knows. And you wouldn’t be lying, would you?

7. Dogs

11 Animals that adapt to small apartments and live happily as pets

If you can have fish, rabbits and birds, of course you can also adopt a dog. But, speaking of the dogs of breed, it is advisable to consult a professional, since everyone has their diets and particularities . In the case of Chihuahuas, for example, they like to eat a lot and everything, so it is necessary to control the amount of food of these little ones.

Keep in mind that although some dogs adapt to small spaces, they all need a daily walk. The beagle, for example, is very active, so it is necessary to play with him and take long walks, since a trip to the corner will not be enough. If you are not an exercise lover, you can get along with the pug, who, although he must also walk, cannot make physical effort to exhaust himself, but to stay in shape and have fun.

11 Animals that adapt to small apartments and live happily as pets

Every coexistence requires patience and, in the case of the Chihuahua, we must be very attentive, as he is active and, if not educated, can destroy the home. In the case of beagles, they have a  powerful sense of smell , which often distracts their attention when trying to tame them, so their training can take much longer than other breeds.

8. Cats

11 Animals that adapt to small apartments and live happily as pets

Cats don’t need big spaces to be happy, so they can be good companions in a small apartment. They are a little picky about their food and, in general, should not eat sugar, salt, milk, coffee or onions for health reasons. Don’t skimp on toys to stay active , like balls, lying mice and dolls.

If you adopt a bred or stray cat, remember to dewormer it if you are already a month old. If you receive it as a baby and it has not consumed breast milk, consult a professional to advise you to supply colostrum , to avoid any disease and strengthen your immune system.


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