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10 Basic tips to take care of your dog

We know that … you would give everything for your pet! And that your dog is a member of your family , so today we want to tell you the tips you need to take care of your dog friend in the best possible way!

Basic tips to take care of your dog

Having a dog is not just providing water and I think! Our pet needs much more than a home, veterinary care and exercise.

In Wakyma, we tell you the basics when caring for your dog:

Basic tips to take care of your dog

Identify your pet

If you share your life with a pet, there are two types of identification you can have:

  • Nameplate : put a collar or harness with an identification plate with your name, address and contact number. Even if you are very careful, your dog could escape! With an identification collar anyone could locate you to return it to you. Remember also that the collar should not be too tight, two fingers must enter and slide easily!
  • Identification microchip : It is essential! Can you put it at home? Do not! The vet will put the microchip. There are many cases of dogs that have been able to return home, thanks to the identification of the microchip.

Comply with the local law that governs your pet

Having your dog’s vaccination card up to date is essential. If your dog belongs to a special breed (such as potentially dangerous breeds ), you may also need to inform yourself about the necessary licenses to have your dog friend.

Comply with the local law that governs your pet

Keep your dog neat!

Depending on the breed, your dog may need more demanding care , remember! There are canine hairdressers who can handle it if you need it. Or if you are a handyman, you can try to make your own dog grooming session at home .

Take care of your dog’s fur, brushing it often, in addition to this way your dog’s fur will shine more. Do you have doubts about how to take care of hair? Do not hesitate to ask the veterinarian about the specific care of your breed.

Remember to take your dog to the vet

Remember to take your dog to the vet

Do you never remember when to take your pet to the vet? Download the Wakyma app! All notices and care of your pet, in your own hand!
Remember that your dog needs periodic reviews! It is the best way to detect possible health problems. How much sooner! A professional veterinarian is the one who should always diagnose our pet, and offer the best treatment as needed.

Do not leave your dog alone for long periods of time!

Dogs also need to feel accompanied. It is never advisable to leave them in the care of empty houses!

Walk your dog, on a leash!Even if you have all your vaccinations in order and licenses (in case you are a breed that needs special licenses), do not let your dog roam around the neighborhood alone!

Do not leave your dog alone for long periods of time

Remember! You are the person responsible for what may happen to you.

Offer your dog the feed he needs

If you have doubts, it is best to ask your veterinarian about the feed, quantity and frequency that your pet needs, as it can vary depending on the weight, age and breed of your dog. If you don’t know how to choose your dog’s feed , don’t miss our advice!

Do not forget the denture of your dog friend! And, their teeth also need to be brushed! They are basic so you can eat well. Don’t you know how to take care of your pet’s teeth? Discover how to clean your dog’s teeth .

Socialize and educate your pet

Socializing your dog since he is a puppy is very important! Where can I socialize my new dog friend? Do not hesitate to go to the nearest park! Remember not to make these mistakes when it comes to take off. Your dog to the park .

With positive reinforcement, you can train and train your pet! Remember, violence is never an option! If you want to change your dog’s behavior, reward him when he does something right!

Exercise your pet!

Play and take long walks with your pet , like this … you will improve the bond you have with your dog!

How long should you play with your dog? How many times should I walk my pet? This will depend on race, and how active it is.

Be patient with your dog!

Behavior problems can be solved! Even speaking of extreme cases, a canine trainer can redirect the most complicated behavior.
If he shows aggressiveness at specific times, for example, if you are going to touch his ears, take your pet to the vet! It could be an ear infection.

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